About us


Association history

The Chao Phraya River has a long history. Many important events took place on both sides. Not only a communication and transportation route, but it is also a great area for trading with foreigners along this great waterway. Therefore, it is full of liveliness and abundance.
Nowadays, the area along the Chao Phraya River is plentiful with many tourist attractions and businesses, becoming a prime location throughout the area, as well as growing continuously. The Chao Phraya River Business Trade Association was therefore founded on 6 June 2014 to promote tourism and services on the Chao Phraya River amongst a diversity of members, including hotels, shopping centers, and The Network of Civil Society on Rivers and Canals, as well as passenger boats, tourist cruise, and even the battleships. This balanced diversity makes the Chao Phraya River Business Trade Association have a strong network. Still, maintain the uniqueness of the Chao Phraya River way of life with our determination. “The Association is driven by the vision of being a leading organization and aware of the context of civil society and the environment to push and create the development of the Chao Phraya River to be a sustainable world destination.”

Objectives of The Association

1.) To directly promote the operation of enterprises related to tourism and services on the Chao Phraya River, including the transportation business, hotel and accommodation business, food and beverage business, and travel and service business.

2.) To enhance standards of tourism, services, and water transportation; Suggest ways to drive government operations in various fields.

3.) To support and assist members in solving any obstacles, including negotiating agreements with third parties for the mutual benefit of the members' enterprises; Monitor and follow the movements of the domestic and international tourism business markets for the benefit of commercial, industrial, financial, or economic business operations.

4.) To coordinate unity, and exchange knowledge and opinions with each other in terms of academics and trade news, as well as tourism research.

5.) To request statistics or documents or ask for any messages from members regarding the operation of the tourism business with the consent of the members.

6.) To promote product quality and services that members produce or distribute to reach good standards, as well as research, and improve production and trade for better results.

7.) To cooperate with the government in promoting the tourism business to reach a good standard by government policies.

8.) To promote production to ensure the tourism service business has sufficient quantities to meet the needs of both domestic and international markets.

9.) To develop, seek tourist attractions, advertise, and persuade tourists to visit both domestic and international tourists.

10.) To preserve natural resources, local customs, cleanliness, orderliness, beauty, officials of the land, and tourist attractions.

11.) To provide convenience, assistance in safety, and fairness to tourists.

12.) To make an agreement or set regulations for members to act or refrain from acting for the untroubled procedure of members' business operations.

13.) To promote good health, and sports, and organize occasional recreations.

14.) To compromise disputes between members and outsiders in the enterprise operations.

15.) To aid members in terms of welfare to the extent that is not prohibited according to Section 22 of the Trade Association Act, B.E. 2509.


List of presidents

Lt. Commander Parinya Rakwathin

President of the Association, current term

Mr. Chaliew Preekran

Former President of the Association

List of vice presidents Director and advisor to the association

President and committee

Lieutenant Commander Parinya Rakwathin

President of the Association

Mr. Santi Sombatwichathorn

Vice President for Infrastructure Development

Ms. Wadee Pinyosap

Vice President of Public Relations

Mr. Thaweekiat Terdphaopong

Vice President for Activities and Member Relations

Ms. Natthaneephon Rangsiwong

Vice President for Business Development and Activities

Mr. Chaliao Preekran

Director and Advisor

Mr. Thanatchat Bunprakob

Director and Advisor

Ms. Phuwadee Kunphlin

Director and Advisor

Mr. Wichai Thanasophananon


Ms. Phafan Chotikasupa

committee member

Mr. Sathorn Chanruangwanit

committee member

Mr. Mongkol Chosuwan

Subcommittee on Infrastructure Development

Mr. Woraphon Udomchokpiti


Mr. Weerapon Techaphasuksanti

Subcommittee on Infrastructure Development

Mr. Teerapat Soisena


Ms. Naipaporn Jirapatcharachaikul

Public Relations Subcommittee, Registrar

Mr. Suraphon Hunsawat

Subcommittee on Activities and Member Relations

Mr. Sansakon Phikunkeha

Subcommittee on Business Development and Activities

Mr. Thaweekiat Terdphaopong


Mr. Apimongkol Kitkit


Association advisor

Ms. Phongphon Sudbantrad

Advisor to the Association